Lost Gods

The Story So Far

Old friends and allies Erwain, Leam, and Idris landed in the frontier town of Greyport seeking adventure, freedom and riches. They rescued a young nobleman, Aron Dusk, from black necromancy-using goblins and fled wolf-riding pursuers. A rival adventurer, Callum Veigh, might have taken young Master Dusk from them to claim the reward, but the heroes had already rescued one of his own allies from the goblin fort, and so he let them pass freely.

The heroes were then hired to investigate the source of myconid attacks on the townsfolk. They found the myconid’s underground lair, deep in the forest, and while battling the evil fungal creatures, realised that the lair had been attacked by a red dragon, destroying most of the colony to make space for laying a pair of eggs. They also rescued some prisoners, including Reth, who joined their group, and Sar Danys, an eldarin arcanist of some skill. One of the eggs had already hatched, but the new group of four heroes prevailed against the wyrmling Valix. As he fell, he cried out for his mother, whose roars of fury could be heard miles away from her moutain home.

The remaining egg was destroyed by Erwain, following the precepts of Bahamut.

Joined by Pit, an old ally of Leam’s, the heroes were forced to defend the town from the attacks of the famed red dragon Velaxis. Although the heroes were far too weak to fight the dragon directly, they rallied the different factions within the now-burning town and led squads of brave dwarves, arcanists, rangers, and townsfolk to victory.

Greyport has now become a willing member of the nation of Aglarond, becoming more and more safe with each passing day. Although Pit, Leam, Erwain, Reth, and Idris are famed and respected throughout the growing town, it seems that adventure is calling them elsewhere…


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