Money and Making Things


Rituals can only be found, or researched. To research them costs the same amount of GP in research materials as in the rulebooks, but requires success on a Skill Challenge: 6 successes before 3 failures. Failure will either result in a flawed but usable ritual or the waste of the materials. A strong success may result in an improved version. You can make up your own rituals, just talk to me and be all creative and stuff, but there are lots in the books.

The Enchant Magic Item ritual is available, but can only be used to create consumables, such as magical whetstones, arrows, and various items. You still have to learn the recipe, the same way someone learns a ritual.

The Alchemy feat can be used to learn alchemical recipes and create items. Learning a recipe works the same way as gaining a ritual. You can define the ‘alchemy’ as arcane, herbalism, divine secrets, blood magic, or whatever you want to fit the character.

The Brew Potion ritual can be used to brew potions, oils, and any other preparations that seem to fit within it. You still have to learn the recipe.

If there is no recipe or ritual price in a book, the basic pattern is:

Level 1 recipe: 70gp Level 6 recipe: 360gp
Level 2 recipe: 100gp Level 7 recipe: 500gp
Level 3 recipe: 125gp Level 8 recipe: 680gp
Level 4 recipe: 175gp Level 9 recipe: 800gp
Level 5 recipe: 250gp Level 10 recipe: 1000gp

Masterwork Armour can be bought – it is very expensive, so it’s best to talk about that in person.

So the basic idea is that permanent items can’t be created by players, but consumable one-shot items can be, and that costs money, you have to specialise because you have to learn a recipe, and we have a little story of how you made it through the skill challenge.

Some NPCs can make items, although raw materials are one of the main issues, e.g. that meteoric iron that was used to make Idris’s scimitars. But usually magic items are old and not many people have the knowledge of making them any more.

Creating a batch of consumable items, potions, or alchemical items requires a simple Skill Challenge: 4 successes before 3 failures. A strong success may mean lower cost or a powerful batch. Failure may mean a weaker batch or complete waste of the materials.

There are also Martial Practises detailed in Martial Power 2. They aren’t that great, as there aren’t many options, but they do give Martial characters access to Enchant Magic Item, which would allow Idris to fletch magical arrows if he wanted.


Mordenkainen’s Magnificent Emporium and the Adventurer’s Vault books are in the shared folder. They have lots of options for non-magical gear, buildings, henchmen, hirelings, mounts, consumables, potions, whetstones, and more. Rituals can be found in PHB1-3, Arcane Power, Divine Power, and a few in other books. I recommend hirelings over henchmen, unless you have a cool idea. Hirelings are weak minor characters, henchmen are major characters almost equal to you PCs, so they steal a lot of your limelight.

There are some weird feats in Mordenkainen’s Emporium – please ignore them, just look at the pretty pretty equipment. A lot of the interesting mundane items are towards the back of the book.

I’ve tried to set this up so every character has 2 or 3 obvious things they might want to spend money on:

Leam could research rituals, make consumables, make potions, research his Midsummer Orb, spend money researching his own background.

Pit could spend money on rituals or consumables too, buying old books, and supporting political causes. Also he doesn’t have a magic item at all yet, so who knows what that might be.

Erwain could spend money on his religion, either as sacrifices or creating/supporting religious groups, e.g through the Henchmen or Hireling rules, could learn Martial Practises, Ritual Caster, or Alchemy. Spending money on the religious stuff might improve the chances of his Divine Boon: Heart of Bahamut upgrading itself, depending on whether that’s Just and Righteous and so on.

Idris could learn Martial Practises or Alchemy – he can’t learn Ritual Caster without being trained in Religion or Arcane skill, but he could make magical arrows or thunderstones or traps or something else Rangerish – and could also spend money on his background story, or use the henchmen/hireling rules to get animal buddies for those cold winter nights.

Reth could do the same religious stuff as Erwain, Brew Potions, learn rituals, or anything he wants above. He has a lot of options. He also doesn’t have a magic item yet.
OTHER WAYS TO SPEND GOLD AND BE CREATIVE (partly nicked from the internet)

Religious Sacrifices
Promoting Your God
Donating/Supporting Causes
Arts & Entertainment
Membership Fees
Protection Money
Trade Goods
Unique Goods (i.e. stolen, poison, etc.)

Money and Making Things

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